Quuie For Wedding Photographers

Quuie For Wedding Photographers

Quuie - Build A Wedding Photographer Website - Wedding Photographer Example

Quuie is the go to solution for Wedding Photographers who need to make a website for the bride and groom's big day.

Allow your client’s big day to be even more special by creating a a real-time website showcasing the wedding day.

Chances are not everyone can be there for the big day. With Quuie you can create and update a dedicated wedding site to highlights key moments of the wedding. From your phone, post pictures to a Quuie powered website dedicated to wedding day. You also have the option of password protecting the site.

As a photographer this is a great upsell that takes minimal effort and something that can really make the day special for those who can’t attend.

Create an amazing site, without the complexity

Edit On The Go

Quickly build and make updates to your site from your phone whenever you want and wherever you are.

Search Engine Optimized

Quuie sites are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so your chances of showing up in search results are increased.


Useful analytics so you can understand what your visitors are most interested in.

Multiple Users

Allow multiple people on your team to edit and update your site -- no need to share credentials.

Marketing Friendly

Easily add marketing solutions like Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel so you can remarket to site visitors.

High Quality

Boost your online presence and impress perspective customers by having a high quality website that looks greats.

Your Domain

Every site includes a unique Quuie Link (e.g. quuie.com/yourname) so you can easily share your site on social media platforms. Want to personalize your site even more? Simply use your own domain name.

Password Protected

In the click of a button you can make your site private so only those who have the password can access it.

Easy To Use

Quuie was made for non-technical people. Seriously, we improved the experience until our parents could make their own site in minutes.

No Code

Focus on making a site that appeals to your visitors without needing to know anything about coding or technology.

Drag & Drop

Create your site by dragging and dropping content to the the correct location.

Free SSL

Security is important which is why all Quuie sites include a free SSL certificate.